Sulgan N Campaign

About the Client

Sulgan is Switzerland’s market-leading prescription medication for hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are a sensitive topic for many people, the brand tries to inform clients and medically trained personnel at the point of sale, whether to raise awareness about the condition or the brand in general.

Whenever prescription-meds are advertised there are a lot of restrictions that need to be followed.

Every project for this client is produced in three languages: german, french and italian.


About the project

The „Damit…“ campaign follows a slightly humorous approach to show everyday aspects of common symptoms. It takes the symptoms of the disease and shows this visually.

This approach is maintained for the B2B as well as B2C. Slogans are i. example: „So that at Christmas only the candles burn.“ or „So your home does not become a crime scene.“
(Since Christmas-time shows as a peak time for symptoms, the efforts for the brand are bundled around Christmas advertisements.)

The campaign included B2B clinical Information and advertising material for the POS as well as give-aways and leaflets for the customers. A national TV-Campaign in all three languages on air during holiday season to accompany those efforts each year.


Client: Sulgan
Headerimage: Rachel Cheng