Mental health care

About the Client

Mental health and mental health care Mental health is the foundation of health. It ensures that people feel well, can develop and participate in social life. The Confederation promotes mental health in Switzerland and the care of persons with mental illness. They have the task on their hand to promote and share knowledge among Switzerland.


About the Project

Among the different sub-departments of the mental health action plan (i.E. coordinated care, National Healthcare, platform dementia etc.) they needed a concept and the subsequent images to show more of their work and of the complex content. They were looking for something that would be usable for every sub-departement and help to distinguish one from another as well as bringing them all together.

I established a pictorial language based on hues of a colour, combined with structures that would be used among those illustrations to help telling them apart from other illustrations of the page. Every sub Department hast its own colour and hues.

Those images could be illustrative for the general topic(s) of the page as well as classic information-design.