Sulgan N

About the Client

Sulgan is Switzerland’s market-leading prescription medication for hemorrhoids. Since hemorrhoids are a sensitive topic for many people, the brand tries to inform clients and medically trained personnel at the point of sale, whether to raise awareness about the condition or the brand in general.

Whenever prescription-meds are advertised there are a lot of restrictions that need to be followed.

Every project for this client is produced in three languages: german, french and italian.


About the Projects
  • In addition to the general means of communication I redesigned all medical packages in regards to all medical compliances.
  • The goal of the communications around Sulgan N is always to educate the people about the prevalence of hemorrhoids and what the symptoms are. I was involved from the beginning: From Storyboard to searching for the footage, to animate the icons, to find and licence the music for the TV Commercials, up to the final cut and the check whether it is in line with the legal regulations of tv-advertisement of prescription medication. Also part of the job was to supervise the voice recordings for the speakers in all three languages.
  • For the purpose of educating people about the ways to recognize and treat hemmorrhoids, I prepared medical illustrations.
Client: Sulgan